About Us

Our History

1st Balcombe Heights Scout Group was formed on the 29th March 1998 when 4th Baulkham Hills and 5th Baulkham Hills groups were joined.

At that time we were based at the Balcombe Heights Estate near Jasper Road and were there for the next few years.

We moved to our current hall at Col Sutton Reserve in 2005, into the hall previously used by an earlier Scout group, Astoria Park.

Our scarf colours are sky blue and black stripes, on a royal blue scarf.

These colours were chosen from: 

The royal blue background is the official colour for the Greater Western Sydney region.

1st Balcombe Heights is part of the Greater Western Sydney region, and covers a huge area from Parramatta to the Blue Mountains. The edge of our Badge is dark blue and matches our scarf background. The picture on our badge is the Waratah flower, which is also the NSW state floral emblem.