Cub Scout Uniform

The Cub Scout Uniform

When Must the Uniform Be Worn?

The Cub Scout uniform should be worn to all Cub Scout meetings (nights) except those which specify other dress. Those other nights are generally theme nights (eg: Pirate Night, International Night etc). On theme nights, the scarf and woggle still needs to be worn.

Cub scout uniform must be worn to and from all external events. Failure to wear uniform during transport can affect insurance applications, so please do the right thing.

Note: If your cub is likely to be cold wearing their uniform, you might want to have them wear a long sleeved top underneath it. We usually require the removal of jackets for flag parade.

The Uniform

The official cub scout uniform for our group consists of;

  • The Cub Shirt: Blue with Yellow sleeves - supplied by parents.
  • The 1st Balcombe Heights Cub Scarf (Light Blue and Black Stripes on a Navy Background) - supplied by the group.
  • A woggle - supplied by parents but cubs are encouraged to make their own.
  • Bone Coloured Pants - supplied by parents. The exact shade isn't clear but given the nature of scouting work, we'd recommend a darker coloured pair.
  • The "B" Uniform shirt - to be worn at camps and on hikes or other dirt accumulating events - supplied by the group.
  • A blue or moss-green belt.(optional)
  • Brimmed Hat - required for outdoor work. This doesn't have to be a scout hat but must be fully brimmed - NO CAPS.
  • Socks - cubs need to be wearing socks with their shoes as wet shoes can damage feet.
  • Closed in Shoes - Cubs are not permitted to go barefoot, in thongs, sandals or crocs.

Badge Placement

There are a lot of badges in cub scouts and you need to be very careful to get them in the right place. There is a guide to badge placement in your Yellow Books but if you want a larger version, you can find one online here.

Uniform Enforcement

Cub scouts isn't school. We'd love everyone to be in full uniform but we do understand that there are budgetary constraints and that those bone pants get dirty very quickly. We're insistent upon correct safety equipment and a little "pushy" about shirts and scarves but nobody will be sent home or banned from an activity for not having the proper shirt/scarf.

Safety equipment (Shoes, Hat and Sunscreen) is a different thing altogether and failure to wear the proper safety equipment can result in cubs being unable to participate in certain activities.

Prohibited or Discouraged Clothing

There are some things which are absolutely prohibited in cubs. They are as follows;

  • Thongs and Sandals - except in showers.
  • Bare feet - except during specific activities such as swimming.
  • No Hat outdoors - particularly in summer. We are increasingly requiring fully brimmed hats.

If cubs do not have appropriate footwear, they will not be able to participate in activities.

As well as prohibited clothing, there are some things which are discouraged;

  • Shirts without collars - particularly in summer
  • Caps and other hats without Brims.
  • Long trailing scarves